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D&G’s fetching florals: Spring 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by maddaATU on September 25, 2010

Florals to Spring are like brandy-soaked plum puddings to Christmas: it could exist without them, but just wouldn’t be the same. And so it goes that each time the Spring/Summer collections roll around, some designer will find inspiration in the blooming flowers and creeping vines that awaken with the change in season. For Spring 2011 one of those collections was D&G‘s. There was little their florals didn’t touch. They found their way onto dresses (both short and long), jumpsuits and playsuits, Spring espadrilles, headscarves, bags and bras. The style was less prim garden-party and more peasant farm-girl, with splashes of gingham and pocketed apron cuts only reinforcing that feeling.


Socks and shoes: ankle socks trend

Posted in Uncategorized by maddaATU on September 25, 2010

Whether or not the idea thrills you, the evidence is clear: wearing ankle socks under your favourite pair of heels is no longer a faux pas. If you’re skeptical it’s time to start looking on the bright side – socks are cheap, won’t take up lots of space in your wardrobe, and are wholly practical. And while ankle socks with sandals may be a big trend currently, we’re here to tell you they’ll also be perfect for indulging in Fall 2010 fashion trends.

Socks with shoes in 2010

We’ve already looked at knee-high socks as a trend; so what about their shorter counterpart? Ankle or mid-calf socks create a completely different look. They can be paired with man-style flats (such as lace-up oxfords or brogues) for a female dandy look, 

or with heels for downplayed glamour.

Concerned that ankle socks don’t afford you the most amount of warmth? Don’t worry – they don’t necessitate bare legs. In 2010 you can wear your socks on top of stockings or tights to create an interesting layered look.

How to wear it: socks and shoes

Having socks bunched up at the ankles can appear to shorten one’s legs. It’ll come as no surprise to you that this looks best on longer legs and those with defined ankles.

There are, of course, ways around that conundrum for those not blessed with models’ legs: try mid-calf versions, finer fabrics that don’t bunch too much, or very low-sitting ankle socks that just show a peep above your shoes.

Styling ideas: socks and shoes

  • Use a pair of socks to add a pop of colour to an outfit. The same goes for patterns.
  • Bring a pair of brown leather sandals or wedges into the now by slipping on a pair of grey socks underneath. As a general rule pair marl grey with lighter browns and tans, and charcoal grey with dark and chocolate browns.
  • Remember those little sparkly ankle socks Dior sent down the runway for Spring? No reason those can’t work in the cold weather – especially for hitting the town come night time.
  • Try your socks over the bottom of pants, a la Rag & Bone. Stick to sophisticated casual though – pants should be slim cut or tapered at the ankles, not too baggy.
  • Experiment with different colours. Cosy wool knit socks in earthy tones, cream or forest green are so perfect for creating a country ‘I’m just heading out for a spot of hunting’ look. On the other hand delicate pastels can have a subtle, feminine feel. Simple black, grey or white can be perfect for sleek, sophisticated minimalism.

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Abbey Lee: The sheer skirt

Posted in Uncategorized by maddaATU on September 25, 2010

It’s no wonder the guy in the background is smiling. Abbey Lee Kershaw not only looks amazing with her bob hairstyle dyed an on-trend shade of bottle blonde, but she’s also wearing something of a daring sheer skirt.

The overtly sheer look can be tough if you’re not a model. Fortunately for Abbey she more than has the figure and confidence to pull off the skirt; but what’s even better is the new polish and heightened sense of refinement she’s carrying off with this outfit.