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Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Posted in charlotte kemp muhl by maddaATU on June 29, 2010

 Charlotte Kemp Muhl( born August 17, 1987) is an american model and actress from suburban Atlanta, Georgia. Modeling since the age of 13, Muhl, at sixteen years old, became the youngest model to appear on the cover of Britain’s Harper’s and Queen magazine.

Muhl studies acting in Los Angeles and New York City. She is dating  Sean Lennon,  with whom she is involved in a musical project, titled “The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger”. The couple have also formed the record company “Chimera Music.


Henry Moshizi photographs spring florals and lace

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Tie-up espadrilles, lace and tulle, flower garlands and crisp white knickerbocker-tap pants. That’s just to name a few of the things that find their way into this beautiful shoot by Henry Moshizi, which captures Spring so perfectly from start to end. Model Iza Olak makes me want to go bleach my eyebrows, pick daisies and frolic in the fields. Be back soon.

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2010 Campaign by Mario Testino

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I always loved the Burberry campaigns but this one is a bit usual and has nothing special. The clothes are awesome but I think that the campaigns with Emma Watson were the best of Burberry. This is my personal opinion. What do you say? DO YOU LIKE THE NEW BURBERRY CAMPAIGN?

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Painted with old world magic

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A shoot in faded sepia tones, styled with Victorian curls and tulle skirts and accessorised solely by the ephemeral shapes of butterflies; Wendy Bevan‘s pictures have a formula for the creation of old world magic, and the result is more akin to art than to fashion.

Inspiration from Emmanuelle

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Fashion is circular. It is inspired, and it inspires. That’s true for every fashioniser, every designer, every photographer. And Akiss Paraskevopoulos is one such fashion photographer. When Love magazine released their much talked about third issue it was Akiss and model Taryn Andreatta who brought us an homage to the issue’s style (circular indeed given the Love shoots were inspired by Helmut Newton). Now Akiss draws inspiration from something else – the cult French film Emmanuelle.

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Simple, chic: shorts and blazer

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The simple grey tee and black blazer would be lost in the wilderness were it not for these shorts: they’re short enough to be on-trend, high waisted enough to hint at vintage pin-up girl goodness, and unique enough in colour and print to be modern. Together they all make up a simple yet chic whole.

Cameron Russell: Vogue Germany July 2010

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The dramatic settings and equally dramatic bikini cuts in Cameron Russell‘s pictorial for Vogue Germany were near impossible to ignore.

Vintage inspiration: rebellious teens

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It was the 1950’s; a time when tattoos were still a symbol of rebellion, music still crackled and flowed from the flashing lights of a jukebox, and cigarettes were mandatory – indoors or out. We may think of such things as mere cliches. Are the film depictions of greaser boys with rolled-up sleeves and tiny-waisted girls in circle skirts faithful representations of the day?

Looking at Bruce Davidson‘s Brooklyn Gang project (1959), the answer would be yes. The tattoos, the cigarettes, the boys’ rockabilly hair ; you might as well be looking at a film set from Rebel Without A Cause. Davidson’s photos are beautiful in their candor and compelling in their detail.