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Back on business- La Mania S/S

Posted in Uncategorized by maddaATU on April 23, 2011

I am really sorry for the lack of posts but having 3 blogs to manage is not an easy job especially if one is about film reviews. I started that blog because i love movies so much and one day I want to be a filmmaker.

But now I am back on business.  I chose the La Mania S/S because it has the feeling of luxury mixed with spring and it totally expresses the mood of this season. The whole concept shows us two young and rich girls having fun and just relaxing which I think it is perfect to start some new and fresh posts on Fashion’s Up!

I hope you really enjoy my blog and I promise I will post more in the future:)


New Film blog-Cinematheque Herald Tribune

Posted in Uncategorized by maddaATU on April 22, 2011

Everybody who is interested in film, here is a new blog You should really check it out.  Unfortunately is only in romanian but soon it will be in english too. If you like old classics, 60 french cinema and more, this blog is for you.